Forum Issue: Clicking "Unread" appears to mark everything as read


I just signed up this morning, so I’m still grokking this forum software. I usually use unread filtering to get to messages I’ve missed, so I hit the “Unread” link. Saw the list of unread threads, clicked in one to read it, then went back to Unread. It says “You have no unread messages”.

Would but that I really could read that fast.


Well, I don’t think this is a “bug” with the forum software. Since you asked for the latest and it gave it to you. Perhaps try opening unread links in a new window? Can’t you also go back and see older messages? I will agree the software has a learning curve. However I find I do enjoy it once I got the hang of things.


No, not a bug, just me applying a traditional forum filter to what I’m seeing. If you hover over the Unread button, it says it’s going to show you the “topics you are watching or tracking with unread posts”. My bad assumption was that it would show me everything I hadn’t read yet.

It appears that the way to do it is to just go find and read things that are not grayed out from having been opened. I can live with that. :wink:

I’m also starting to see some of the “New” indicators and such, so I guess I just need to kick around in here some more and, like you said, get the hang of things.

Thanks for getting me to look at it differently.


You can also control, within limits, what Discourse decides you’re interested in and what you consider new in the preferences:

This is how I set my preferences for the Atom forum because I want to track everything unless I specifically tell Discourse I don’t want to track it. On other Discourse forums, I set my preferences differently because I may only want to track specific things.


I don’t really understand what happened here. Can you show us with screenshots? If you clicked or tapped “Dismiss Unread” button at the bottom of unread tab this could happen but otherwise I am really unclear what we are even talking about here.