Forms and server side programing


i want to make an app (mostly a form with some reports) which the user can enter the data and then save these data to Mysql Database . i will use node-mysql module for connecting and CRUD to database.
do i have to use a server side framework like ‘express.js’ for this ???


I wish I could answer your question. I’m developing an app that uses a lot of forms as well.
I would like to know where did you get the info to start your app? did you use a tutorial?
To be precise I want to know how to store the data from my form. Thanks, and good luck!


i know javascript and some node.js . i used some tutorials for electron .
i think there is no need for a server side unless you want to make a desktop and web app.
i made a simple program using electron and node-mysql and which can do CRUD .