Format SQL Statement


I would love to see a Format SQL Statement function for Atom.

For example if I type in select a,b from foo join bar on val1 = val2 where id = 123 and cd = 99; there should be a button where I can automatically convert this statement into this:

SELECT a, b FROM foo JOIN bar ON val1 = val2 WHERE id = 123 AND cd = 99;

There is already a repository that incorporates this function into Sublime so perhaps this is something that could be forked for Atom?



Unfortunately it can’t be forked to create an Atom package directly, because SublimeFormatSQL uses Python and Atom uses Coffeescript, but this looks like a great opportunity to create a new package.

Update 1:
I couldn’t resist and I started working on a new package. I’m going to upload it soon.

Update 2:
I did it