Form fields' content not visible - bug?


I’m using atom v1.26.0 on MacOS. For a couple of months now I’ve lived with the fact that the contents of any form field (open file via cmd+alt+o, the palette via cmd+alt+p, search/replace via cmd+f, …) is invisible, even though there may be characters there, or I type them in the field, they remain invisible. See the screenshot of the Preferences pane.

Any help is appreciated.


It’s probably CSS. What do you have in your styles.less for atom-text-editor or atom-text-editor[mini]? If nothing, you can use the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools) to view that part of the UI and see what style rules are being applied.


Another possibility could be this issue?

If it ends up not being a CSS issue, try the suggestion in


Thanks @DamnedScholar and @rsese for your replies! For some reason, even though I’m “Watching” and will therefore receive notifications, I didn’t receive any. Sorry for the delay of my response!

@DamnedScholar: I looked at the LESS file but nothing changed when I tinkered with it.

@rsese: Yes, that seems to be the problem! I’ve managed to write an Apple Script to launch Atom with the --disable-gpu command line option, and everything works again (somewhat slower it seems, but was to be expected).

Thanks to both of you!

Just for documentation’s sake:

tell application "Terminal"
   set currentTab to do script ("atom --disable-gpu; exit")
end tell


What’s in it? What did you do? What theme are you using?