Forgetting state of previously opened folder

I recently opened a folder (Ctrl+Shift+O) in Atom with the tree view enabled and expanded a child folder within the tree view. Unfortunately the child folder had 10,000+ files in it, and this caused Atom to hang. I closed the individual window containing the folder and I could then open other folders without any problems. However, if I try to re-open the problematic folder, Atom tries to restore it to the same state, with the tree view open and the child folder expanded, which causes the editor to hang again.

Is there a way to forget the state of a specific previously opened folder? I’ve tried searching for the folder name under ${HOME}/.atom but there are no results, although it looks like some data is stored as binary blobs and so are not searchable. If there’s no way to forget the state of a specific folder, an alternative solution would be to forget the state of all folders, although that would be suboptimal as I rely on this functionality. The worst case scenario is that I can delete ${HOME}/.atom, which would presumably destroy all my preferences, but I don’t want to do that unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I’m happy to report this if it’s a bug (the fact that Atom crashes and/or that specific folder states can’t be forgotten) but the immediate issue is being unable to open a folder.

I’m using 1.34.0 under Ubuntu 18.10 and the only non-default packages I have installed are language-blade and language-latex.

If you have a random, harmless project folder open in Atom and you add the problematic folder as a second project folder, the problematic condition won’t be restored because Atom has no memory of both of those folders being open. Then you can delete the harmless folder and Atom will overwrite its memory of the problematic one because now things are different. You can also start Atom from the command line with atom --clear-window-state, which is destructive in that it will eliminate all session data from all of your folders, including any unsaved files you might have.

Thanks, adding the problematic folder to another project and then removing the other folder in that project seemed to do the trick. A bit counter-intuitive, especially as I don’t really use the project functionality, but it solved the problem without having to wipe all my session data.

You’re not supposed to intuit it because it’s not a feature. It’s just a trick that takes advantage of Atom’s behaviors to avoid having to clear all of your data just because one window got messed up.