Force git-control (or any other package tab) to open on split-pane?


I use the tool-bar + flex-toolbar extension to open the git-control panel.

    type: "button"
    icon: "git-branch"
    callback: "git-control:toggle"
    tooltip: "Toggle Git Control"

When I click on the button, the git-control panel is opened full-screen, which seems just wrong to me.

I was wondering if there is a way to tell tool-bar to open the package in split-pane mode, or any other workaround to accomplish the same?



I’ve never used any of the tool bar packages (just not my thing) but to “force” a package’s view to open in a separate pane, you would probably have to create a new command that creates the new pane and opens the view there.


Flex Tool Bar supports multiple callbacks. You could try to combine the git-control:toggle command with a split command.