Force Atom to reload


I noticed while working on my package, that when I’ve got the latest updated version through settings/updates, the new snippets from that version are not active at once. When I close and re-open Atom, all is working well as I would suspect.

Is there a “less” dramatic way to reload new packages after an update instead of a full editor close down? I am on 1.8, because the word beta always scares me.


Alt-Ctrl-R/Alt-Cmd-R (I think; I don’t use Mac) will reload your window.


Got it. It’s Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-L on Mac. It’s also in the View Menu, in the Developer submenu. It’s already answered on the Forum - obviously on my Atom 1.8 - this menu item has been moved. Is it possible to auto-reload when updating everything?


That feature is not built-in to Atom, no. There may be community packages that offer something like this.


Surprising. That seems like too many keys for something that I use as often as I reload things. Three keys is perfect.