For what stands the status-added color?


can anybody explain me for what the status-added color in the treeview are?
What is the reason for teh different color?



I believe you’re talking about the git status colors for files and folders?

Green indicates a new file or folder. Yellow indicates a modified file or folder. If a file is yellow, it’s contents have been changed. If a folder is yellow, it means that a file has been added or deleted within it. Finally, white indicates an untouched/unchanged file or folder. Also, if you have the “Show VCS ignored files” option enabled, then files or folders that are ignored will be in dark gray.


Ah, nicke to know. But why I have also this colors on folders which are not a git folder?


Can you give an example?


not really, because it refers to local files.
here I open the XAMPP htdocs-folder and there inside my project folder are some with this color. But I don’t have connected these with git.



In order to answer your question, I would need to be able to reproduce the problem on my machine and debug what is going wrong. I’ve never seen the behavior you’re describing, so I can’t give you an answer as to why it is happening on your machine.