For Mac OS X users, add a Settings option to re-open all windows/tabs last open


currently, if you have a bunch of windows open in Atom 0.92.0 and quit the application in Mac OS X (i’m on v.10.9.2, Mavericks, with all the latest security updates), then restart Atom at a later time, you get just one blank window on re-opening.

the standard on Mac OS X since v.10.7 (Lion) has been to offer to re-open apps with all the docs/windows/tab last being open & worked on re-opening also. it would be nice if, in the Settings for Atom, it offered a check box with the option “Re-open all last open Windows on launch,” or something like that. this would be a huge time saver for everyone when having to restart Atom. please include this feature in future versions, at least for the Mac OS X folk, if not all platforms, as Mac OS X users are now used to this UX/UI paradigm.


Does this help (for now)?


@AbeEstrada - thanks, but no. those are nice packages, and i downloaded them all ready, but they don’t do what i wish — have Atom (and i’m on the current version, 0.92.0) re-open all project windows and tabs on restart as an option. these, well, project-manager package in particular, will remember these things, but you still have to manually have it to re-open them it for you on start-up. i am just asking for Atom to follow the paradigm that has been true of Mac Apps in Mac OS X since 10.7 - give it the option to re-open all windows and tabs that were open and saved at shutdown. that is what i am asking, please.


I agree…there’s nothing more annoying than when I have to restart my work computer, which has various projects open in Atom on different spaces, and then have to go and re-open each one again. 10.7 has the ability to remember what was open and on what space, so it’s particularly unfortunate when new applications don’t make use of this.


I actually still have a copy of Sublime that I keep running to paste little snippets of text into. This is because if it quits or crashes the contents of those windows get preserved, even if I haven’t saved the file (and have left it Untitled). Then I edit any actual projects I’m working on in Atom.

I’d rather do everything in Atom if it were possible!


I agree, I really need this. Especially since it seems closing Atom’s window keeps the app open in memory (the indicator is still on at the dock), my mind expects it to reopen tabs when I open the window, the same way Chrome does by default, and a lot of other OS X apps do, it’s just an expected behavior.


Hi guys, sorry to revive this old topic, but I just installed Atom on my Macbook pro and when I close/reopen it, I lose all previously opened windows.

On Windows it works as expected.

Is this bug tracked somewhere?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • Which version of OS X are you running?
  • How are you opening Atom? Via the command-line? Or using the icon in the Dock? Some other method?


Atom 1.0.19
OSX 10.11
I open Atom using the dock icon.


It appears that this is still an issue.


Atom has offered this feature for a long time now. Please see the FAQ: