Font Smoothing with Windows 10 | How to disable it?


Hello, I have a 1920x1080 monitor (96 DPI) and I’m on Win10 and I cannot disable font-smoothing. I’ve tried everything Google has given me and it just wont disable.

Currently, the last thing I’ve set it to is:

.editor {
    -webkit-font-smoothing: none;

And even this or anything else I’ve tried on Google has literally had no change what-so-ever with it. I have it set to 12px with the font ProFont for Windows.

The photo below is an example. On the left is Atom and on the right is my terminal, which has ProFont for Windows set at 12px no font smoothing. Matter of fact, I just turned on font smoothing in my terminal and it still looks like what it’s suppose to look like. Does anybody have any other solutions?


The -webkit-font-smoothing attribute is a recommendation to the font engine of the browser, so the browser is completely free to ignore. On the other hand, using -webkit-font-smoothing: none on macOS causes a significant change (though I am on a 218ppi display, which does factor into Chromium’s calculations).

@Wliu or @Ben3eeE can either of you duplicate this?


I am on Windows 10, Atom 1.13.1 with a 96ppi display. I can’t see any difference when using -webkit-font-smoothing: none.


So is there any way or am I suck with this? I love using Atom because there’s so many great packages I use.

Went I set the font-family for my tree-view it looks a lot better than in editor. Why is that?


I don’t know, you would need to use the Developer Tools to dig into how the rendering is different between the two on your system.


I can confirm this, font smoothing doesn’t work in the editor on Windows 10, while it does on macOS 10.12


After yet again talking this issue.

This doesn’t seem to be a font-smoothing problem, but more of where the font is at on the screen. Take a look at this screenshot. @leedohm it’s a shot in the dark but since I don’t see this being a font-rendering / font-smoothing problem anymore, do you have any more suggestions? I looked inside the debugger and looked at the computed tab and nothing seemed to be out of place. I even did a color contrast test: this is my Electron app I’m creating and this is Atom with the same colors, font, and font-size. As you can see, somewhat a little better, but compared to my app, it’s still blurry. Though if you look at the Atom screen shot you can tell it looks sharp in some parts like right after C:/Users/errat/Desktop/ you can tell it starts clearing up really nicely which is very odd.


UPDATE: I have found that it only happens at the beginning of lines. Example here, I’m continuing to try to figure out what is causing this problem via the debugger.

EDIT: Not the beginning, just random blocks of the lines.