Font sizes in 0.183 and above?


I get a lot of visual frobnication when manually changing font size with Cmd = and Cmd - in the latest Atom builds. (Repeatedly and rapidly hit Cmd =, for example.)

Anyone else seeing this?

Also I seem to remember window:reset-font-size (aka Cmd 0) using my cson's fontSize; it now seems to be reverting to 16px regardless. This I may be misremembering, not sure.


Wah! :frowning:

I just tried Cmd-= many times, then Cmd-minus, then reset font size. Then I quit Atom and started it again, and then I got 16px!


Affirmative, same here.


With regard to going to 16px, the font size commands have always directly manipulated your configuration file:

And the reset font size function has always simply unset the value, which uses the global default value, 16px.

As far as the visual stuff, it looks like a pretty normal race condition. Please file a bug with repro steps on


Thanks. Bug 5771 now filed.

Perhaps I should also file a feature request to make reset-font-size respect your initial configuration rather than simply unset? Would seem to be the less surprising behavior.


I’m pretty certain there is already a bug filed for that. Search with commenter:benogle … I’m pretty sure he commented on it.