Font size returns to 16 when opening file


If you search for modified files in a git repo with cmd-shift-b and then open that file with cmd-0 the editor font size returns to the default of 16 (there may be other settings that return to default too, this is the only non-default setting I have right now).


I have a similar issue. I save my default fontSize setting to 14px in the config.cson file but when I cmd-0 to go back to my default, it automatically resets to 16px.


I am having the same issue with the latest update…


cmd-0 is (and has always been?) bound to window:reset-font-size. What did you expect cmd-0 to be bound to? I’m not able to find any default keybind for the combo that is related to opening files; the other two defaults are for image-view:reset-zoom and markdown-preview:reset-zoom.