Font problem on ubuntu 18.04

I take the liberty to ask you about this symptom I have. I use atom 1.20.1 on 64-bit ubuntu 18.04. Please check the screenshot.
The font is Default but there are rubbish characters within the words. Look at the word “support” for example. It looks like “suppprt”…

If you have time to advise me, I’d be grateful!



The first thing to try would be using the latest stable release, 1.39.1

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am embarrassed to ask for the following clarifications before I upgrade:
a. after the upgrade, will I preserve my projects cloned from gitlab and will I be able to pull/push with the key registration I did when I started with atom?
b. I tried to upgrade from within atom but found no way (see screenshot). Do I have to remove and re-download from ?
Sorry and thanks!

Anything inside the Atom application folder and ~/.atom will potentially be deleted, but your projects saved elsewhere will be fine.

To upgrade, it depends on how you installed in the first place. I recommend deleting the existing app with sudo apt uninstall atom, and then go over the “Installing Atom” section of the flight manual for how to set up the official Atom PPA. This will let you update with apt. Your packages and settings live inside ~/.atom, which will be untouched.