Font problem in UI variables


I don’t know if this is related to the font problem mentioned in Font problem in 126 so I’m starting this in a new thread.

I’m using @ui-variables in my stylesheet .less file. In particular font-family and font-size.

.view-tail-large-files {
  position:         absolute; 
  overflow-x:       scroll;
  overflow-y:       hidden;
  font-size:        @font-size;
  font-family:      @font-family;
  color:            @syntax-text-color;
  background-color: @syntax-background-color;
  width:            100%;
  height:           100%;

Then I am using that class name in my package view content.

Edit: this was saved by some accidental keystroke. I will continue the question in the next post.


To continue …

I’m using the atom-light theme for both ui and syntax. I’ve specified “source code pro” and 15 for my font-family and size in settings.

As you can see the font-family and size are some random values that don’t relate to my settings or theme.


  • Why isn’t there a @syntax-variables?

  • Is there some way to debug the processing in a .less file?

  • What is causing this. Am I doing something wrong?


This may be a stupid question, but did you include @import "ui-variables"; in your LESS file?


Yes :smile:

(garbage to meet discourse min char limit)