Font Dialog?



for application which draw user defined text into the 2D canvas, it would make sense to have a font dialog available. I know this is not possible on the Web, but for native versions of the app, a font dialog would be expected by the user.

Possible ?




You can create it as javascript even on the web, and list fonts you have in aplications, you can’t list system fonts even in electron app.


Sorry, just saw your response now.

Yes, that’s why we need a system dialog to show the system fonts in Electron, so that I can use these fonts in the 2D canvas.

Or alternatively, get a system font list from Electron and do my own font dialog. But native dialog would be better.


Unfortunately electron does not provide access to the native OS font selection dialog. I ended up building my own system font selector using this native addon to get a list of OS fonts:

It’s a bit more work, but this way you can make your font selector look and feel integrated into your app. Good luck!


Looks like what I need. However it does not seem to be supported anymore with the latest checkins 2-3 years ago and unanswered bug / crash reports ?

I mean it would not help to have a crashing font dialog inside your app with no support. However I will try it out. Thanks.


Ah yeah, I didn’t notice those issues. I’ve been using it for the last 6 months with no issues or crashes, but my app is currently Windows only. It looks like the crashes may be only on the Mac platform.