Font awesome chooser?


Is there any package to choose font awesome icon? I just need to insert icon anywhere using icon search…
atom-bootstrap3 is too big and cant insert fa to .php



What would be inserted when you choose an icon? Is there a standard unicode for icons? In general Atom supports UTF8.


This would be inserted:

<i class="fa fa-icon-name"></i>

Example for icon chooser:


Sounds like an interesting idea for a package.


I agree, it’s a good package idea.

What I’m currently doing for this is to use Dash in HUD mode via a custom key combination to search the FontAwesome docset for the code, then I can copy/paste it as needed.

For example, my workflow is:

  1. press option-d to bring up the Dash HUD
  2. type fa, press <tab> to set the FontAwesome search context
  3. type my FontAwesome query
  4. navigate results via arrow key

Still think the package would be nice, but that might get you by for a while.