Folding 1 line folds everything


Hi all,

I did a search, but couldn’t find anything. Sometimes when I fold one piece of code like a function, my whole code gets folded. I’ve had this since v0.196 I think. Am I missing something?



Am I really the only one that experiences this?


I don’t use code folding, personally :worried:


No, you are not the only one! I’ve been having the same issue and I was hoping to find a fix on here. Although not a fix, using Alt+Ctrl+[ should only fold one line instead of all of them. I haven’t thoroughly tested this yet.

It’s also worth noting that I recently installed Atom, about one week ago. So this is a new problem. I know other people using atom don’t have this problem.


Am also experiencing this. Folding is broken.

Had to switch to ST in the meantime.


My experience with this is that the folding “breaks” only after using Atom for a while (especially after using the Find in buffer function).

The “broken” status is given by the fact that Atom folds a level above of the level that is asked to be folded.

A restart of the application fixes the problem.

As a workaround, I’ve noticed that Alt+Ctrl+[ works correctly even after the gutter fold is “broken”.


i have experienced this wired behavior sometimes - but i did not try to restart atom…
will do this the next time.
sometimes i had the problem that if i clicked on the small folding marker at start of the line it did not fold but the screen jumped so that this line was at the bottom - but not folded something…
additional i have installed the ‘folds-functions’ package - this also does not work anymore if the main folding goes wired…

PS: feature request for folding: with the Ctrl+K Ctrl+1…9 fold this level only - don’t alter the other levels -so if i have folded all top level and extended manually one class-body and than hit Ctrl+K Ctrl+2 i wish that all secondlevel foldings get folded - but the first level did’n unfold.

  • someone else that thinks this is a good idea?