Folders and Files with darker color


Hi there,

On the tree view there are some files and folders in a different / darker gray. It doesn’t seem to be related to the ignore files nor the vcs ignored files. What is it about? Is it configurable?



Is it related to the “Ignored Names” setting?


It’s not. I have my dist folder grayed out, but it’s not included in the Ignored Names input.


The only time I’ve seen something like what you’re describing is when the file/folder matches:

  1. An entry in “Ignored Names”
  2. An ignore in a .gitignore and the “Exclude Vcs Ignored Paths” is checked

What else have you tried?


I know it’s old but how can i disable “darker colors” for folder/files that in .gitignore file? Thx.


Any file, folder, or glob match in the .gitignore will be disabled in the Atom list view and search (in addition to the Ignored Names app settings). You may be able to make your .gitignore rules more specific, or you may need to remove them to re-enable them.

You can also turn off the Exclude VCS Ignore paths setting, which will turn off all .gitignore filtering in Atom.


There’s an additional file to check for ignores:

I added an entry to this file at some point and it was being picked up by atom, causing a folder to be grey.