Flight Manual Keyboard Shortcuts Wrong?


Hi, guys, I’m new to Atom, and after getting it installed I was eager to start flying high. Checking out the Flight Manual, though, and found that a lot of the keyboard shortcuts are–as far as I could tell–wrong. Is this just a matter of the doc needing to be updated, or am I missing something? I’m on Ubuntu, if that makes a difference.

For the curious, some examples of things not doing what the Flight Manual says: Looking at the first six actions, which is also the first ten keyboard shortcuts, as they have two apiece, in the “Moving in Atom” subsection of Chapter 2 I find that^:

  • alt-b - Move to beginning of word
  • alt-left - Move to beginning of word
  • alt-f - Move to end word (Opens File menu)
  • alt-right - Move to end of word
  • cmd-right - Move to end of line (Moves to end of word)
  • ctrl-e - Move to end of line (Finds and highlights word under cursor across the file)
  • cmd-left - Move to first character of line (Moves to beginning of word)
  • ctrl-a - Move to first character of line (Selects all)
  • cmd-up - Move to top of file (Switches line with line above it)
  • cmd-down - Move to bottom of file (Switches line with line below it)

So, again, am I making some blunder? Or… why is the Flight Manual so far off?

^I understand that instances of cmd should be replaced with ctrl since I’m on Ubuntu.


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That’s not my issue at all. I clarified that I understood that cmd routes to ctrl. That’s all good and well. The issue is the vast disparity in what the Flight Manual says will occur when I hit a shortcut versus what actually happens is the issue.


Please note the portions in parentheses:


What you’re asking about is also covered in detail in the above topic. The short answer is that the key bindings in the documentation are for OS X (unless they specifically mention another OS). Not all key bindings are identical when changing Cmd to Ctrl because OS X offers a fourth modifier key, so some things have to be changed.


My apologies. I much appreciate the clarification!

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