Flight manual keybindings on windows


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I’m currently reading the flight manual and trying to use the keybindings described therein but it doesn’t seem to work. I would like it to work as described in the manual. How do I do that ?

I’m using windows 7.

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The keybindings given in the Flight Manual are generally those for the Mac computer. This makes things confusing for those of us using other computers. Your best bet is to type ‘Ctrl-Shift-P’ and search for the command in the Command Palette (when found, it will display the keybinding to the right). For the opposite operation, finding out what a key does, type ‘Ctrl-.’ (that’s a period) and then the key you want to resolve. For a complete list, type ‘Ctrl-,’ (that’s a comma), click on Keybindings.


More details about this can be found here:

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