Flex Toolbar Config File?


Hi everyone,
this is my first post here, so I apologise in advance if I do something wrong!

I have installed atom toolbar and flex-tool-bar.

The info for flex-tool-bar package says that if I type this…“Flex Toolbar: Edit my config file” into the command palette, I can edit the config file. However, when I do this - nothing happens.

If I click on the “Edit Toolbar” icon (in the toolbar itself) - a new, untitled file appears in a tab?

I have even tried creating a new file called toolbar.cson, containing the following code as a test…

    type: "button"
    icon: "circuit-board"
    callback: "application:new-file"
    tooltip: "New File"
    iconset: "ion"
    mode: "dev"

Does anyone have any advice on where I need to place this newly created cson / config file?
Thank you all in advance.


Your toolbar.cson should be in ~/.atom, or whatever the ATOM_HOME environment variable is pointing to. If the package’s commands don’t work as expected, you should probably file a bug at the package’s repository.


In the last versions of flex-tool-bar, you can specify your toolbar file’s path in the settings (If he’s not specified, the package assumes that he is located in ~/.atom).