Flash Local Security


Hi there,
I’m building an application in Electron that has to host a large number of flash files in SWF format. These files periodically fire off scripts that my application needs to listen out for in order to function correctly.

The application is designed to be both run in Electron, and run as a hosted web application.

So far the scripts work flawlessly in the hosted version of the application. But, when it comes to running in Electron, they never fire off. This is due to Flash’s local security settings. The same thing happens if you say, run the application through opening index.html directly in Firefox. In that case, it can easily be bipassed by right-clicking the flash video and allowing the directory it’s held in “Trusted Local Settings”.

What I really need to know is if there is a way to do this in Electron. It needs to be universal and importantly, permanent. The final application will not be packaged into a single file .exe as it cannot be installed on the end-user machine (packed in electron-packager, then distributed as is). The end-user must be able to just open the application and have it work without having to access any settings themselves.

Any help or directions to where to find help would be super appreciated.



Since no one replied, I did manage to find a solution to my problem in the end. I’ll put it here just in case anyone comes across this in the future.

The work around is to use a node module called nw-flash-trust. Works perfectly for getting around local file issues when using SWFs in electron.


Hello! Im having the same problem! Im trying to use the webcam and always keep asking me if I allow it. I tryed to use nw-flash-trust but didn`t work. I think the problem is the aplication path. How can I use it?
Thank you!