[FIXED](Was using old binaries, v1.20.1 fixed it) / Messed up font in os modal windows (Fedora 25)



Its my first problem encountered on Atom, which still remain my editor of choice.

But recently I had to use it (Atom) on my laptop running Fedora 25.

But I have this weird bug where the font used in the modal windows to load things from the file system (like a project or whatever), the font goes crazy:

The problem is on the modal on the right. On the left you can see a “normal” window.

I have no idea where this comes from…

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It’s no help to you at all, but I’ll just add I’ve seen the same problem with mancy which is also based on Electron. And yet my atom installs always work … weird. (Oh, Fedora 25 and 26, gnome desktop, wayland)


What version of Atom are you using? Can you try upgrading to the latest version?


Was using 1.9.x and just updated to 1.11.1, still the same problem.



1.11.1 is a very old release. The current stable version is 1.20.1. We recently had an issue for this on atom/atom and it was resolved by upgrading Atom. They were on 1.11.1 in that issue /cc: https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/15741


Indeed !

My bad, just typed “Atom for Fedora” on Google, I guess I found old binaries, I didn’t check…

So I’m now with Atom 1.20.1, and the problem is fixed.

Thank you very much, this was a bit silly :stuck_out_tongue:
My bad again !


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The latest version is available at https://atom.io/releases if you want to keep the link around for future updates :slight_smile: