[fixed]Strange block highlighting


i just installed Atom and i cant find any option in menu to remove this strange highlighting of 12-strings block in any file.

maybe its a silly question, but I checked all the settings twice, googled “atom block highlighting disable” but no luck.
(Arch linux, installed using pacman and official repos)


What’s strange about it? I don’t know XML well, but nothing looks broken.


I don’t know exactly why this happens, and have never experienced it because I don’t use the hardware it’s associated with, but if you follow this FAQ entry and the related links, you will probably be able to find out why it’s happening to you.


Oh. The background. The cause is weird, and electron related, but Settings ➔ Core ➔ Color Profile (use sRGB color profile) should fix it


ok, that was a solution. thanks!
btw. my hardware is i7-6700hq, nvidia gtx 960m and intel hd530 w/ bumblebee launched(nvidia optimus (2 gpu))system.
(lenovo y700 laptop)