First project with Electron: File Explorer


Hey guys,

I recently created an File Explorer using Electron and React + Flux. Github


  • Browse through directories and open files.
  • Navigate to previous directories using the “Back” button.
  • Easily add your favorite directories to the sidebar.
  • Easily customizable via Javascript + Sass

This was my first time working with Electron, React and Flux so any Feedback is appreciated.


OSX only I assume?
If you could make it work on Windows, or even Linux, that’d be nice.


Currently looking for a Linux and Windows machine to compile the binary. Will get that done by the end of the week, but yes it is super easy to port the project.


Update: Windows version now available


Neat, I’ll try it out sometime.


Ok so it installs on Windows nicely.

Here are a few first comments:

  • After the installation is finished on Win8, there is no link on the Desktop or anywhere else, so one has to search for the new app (since there isn’t a start menu of course).

  • How do I create a favorite? There is no right-click context menu or button and drag&drop doesn’t work either, as far as I can see.

  • The distinction between directories and files could be a bit more prominent (currently just a star in front of dirs).

  • Are you old enough to remember the Norton Commander from DOS times? There were similar applications during later Windows years, but that’s something you could aim for. It was awesome and I like the idea of bringing it back with that neat material design you’ve got going.

Overall a great start, well done.


Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  • I didn’t have much time to test on windows but I will definitely look into getting the link on the desktop.

  • To create a favorite you actually have to click the star icon. I guess I have to make that more intuitive.

  • Maybe I should make the type labels different… I’ll experiment with that some more.

  • I had to look up what Norton Commander was but it looks totally badass.


Well, if you keep developing this thing, do keep us updated here. I’d like to see what you can do with it.


Nice! No files or directories showed up for me on Yosemite though. Just user directory with nothing in it. Am I missing something?


Hmm, send me a screenshot and info on your machine and I’ll try to see if I can recreate it on my end. Thanks alot!