First approach for an electron chat application


Hello there! I’m new to the forum and I was wondering if you people could bring some insight to my indecision problem.

If you were to develop a desktop application to chat with your friends (in which you are able to create and join servers, add custom emoticons, send audios, etc.), would you use angular 2/4 for the client side or would that be overkill? Also, regarding the storage, should I store chat history and user settings in json files, or would it be a good idea to use mongodb storage?

Thank you, and sorry if I sound too novice there :blush:


Use some offline first database for storing information, store them on client side, not server side, why you need their massages on servers? NeDB is good. Hoodie is offline/online database that could be good for this…

Also for interface use what is most simple for you, I would propably go for vue, even thou I have some struggles with it, so Angular is not an overkill. Why would it be?

Also I would use separate storage of settings and chat history…

Store chat history in database and make it exportable to json…

‘Custom Emoticons’ why not just let them send images? :smiley: Or just resolving link to picture they will see?


Thanks for the reply :wink:

I’m not sure if offline first DB is a good idea, since my app will be shared across mobile and desktop apps.

I’ve already decided to use angular 4, it’s a pretty good framework.

I was gonna do the settings and history storage separately already so :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the custom emoticons, the idea is to enable the user to call certain user saved emoticons using key combinations or similar, sending an image all the time you want the other user to see your “reaction” or similar would be come tedious.




Offline first does not mean what you think.