Firefox like tabgroups in ATOM


I love the tabgroups that come with firefox. And that makes seeing tabs easy as it shows all the previews together.

It might be great if atom had similar capabilities so that I could TabGroup my Projects Rather than using panes.

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I would think that should be a package. Core doesn’t usually provided a fancy UI. It would be great if an experienced package developer created this.


Being a big fan of Mac OSX Mission Control / Exposé, I have also been missing this overview feature in the Atom editor as well.

So I decided to create the atom exposé package. For now the package is still missing the resizable group sectioning and depends heavily on the minimap package for preview images. But it’s a start and I loved using it so far.

Try it out and give some constructive feedback: apm install expose


Aah that’s something worth appreciating cause its quite good and sleek with the blur effect, it looks awesome.

But it does have a few set-backs. Namely,

  • It’s slow to launch. Yep it does take a few moments more than other functions in atom. I might suggest to remove the fancy blur and apply a dark shade translucent BG in the mode.
  • I would like drag and arrange feature in it.
  • Tags if possible would be a killer feature so that I can tag each of my tabs.
  • How about grouping tabs with respect to Project folders , Sub-folders etc.


Good that you like it.

I’m a bit surprised that you think it’s slow. But I guess that depends on the machine. I might implement a No Animation config, which removes blur, popup effect and similar. Also what ui theme are you using, it does not look so good.

I would really appreciate if you could add each of your bullets as separate issues on Github to better track progress.


Just given this a try and I’m impressed, very nice package. Really useful. Regarding the speed, having quickly tested a few times and used it to skip around open tabs (~20 tabs open), it was extremely snappy and responsive for me. Both for launching from key command and switching between tabs, no delay time. I’m actually trying it on my Mac which is particularly old and so has been struggling with some slow loading/lags on Atom. So has performed pretty well for me here.

I’ll post to issues a couple of suggestions (albeit from a very brief experience).