Fingerprint with electron



Is there some way or example to integrate any device for fingerprint with electron?
I dont have any device yet, but I’m looking for some example.



Hi @egarcia777 - did you find a solution? Looking into the same problem…


@TimoSolo Do you have a specific device in mind? The manufacturer should’ve provided some information about how to interface with it.


Thanks, I’m looking into a couple providers. Most have C# or Java based SDKs - I’m just wondering what’s the easiest way to access the device from javascript / electron. I presume I’ll have to write an integration layer between the two.

I’m new to electron - whats the best practice for interfacing with hardware devices?


The easiest way would be to use a C or C++ API in a native Node module/addon (well, easy to use once you manage to build it). If you’re stuck with a C# SDK you could try using, no idea if something like that exists for Java. The other option is to write a standalone executable that uses the device SDK and then spawn that executable as a child process from your Electron app and use stdin/stdout to pipe data between the two apps.


I think this answer can help too: