Finding package causing trouble


I’ve got an annoying problem. When I click on or next to a variable then the entire var and all other occurrences are highlighted. My screen is cluttered with crap. I want the feature, but only when I double-click to select the entire var. Does anyone know what package does this? It doesn’t happen in safe mode. I’ve tried disabling all the packages that look like they are related but none are guilty.

I’m finally getting to my point. I would like to automatically do a binary search, disabling packages until I find which one is at fault. Does anything like this exist? If not I’ll create it.

I’ve determined that renaming package.json and then reloading will disable a package. Is there a better way to disable them? I don’t think doing a reload each test will be a problem if the search is binary.

One more question. How can I tell if they are built-in or not? I guess I could do an apm list command from my code.

Later: I found the package-manager-commands to allows me to disable packages on the fly. I’ll see if it is good enough to do the job. If not I can steal code or do a pull-request for the binary search feature.


I created an Issue for this a while back:

I haven’t gotten around to implementing it though. I was intent on making a command-line utility, which made things a lot more complicated than the implementation you’re proposing.


It’s most likely the ‘refactor’ package.


I love this idea. It’d be great to have. Also, there’s no way to use apm to disable right? Is that an issue somewhere? It’d be nice to have.


That’s the first thing I tried.