Finding built-in themes (or packages)


I see my installed packages in my Atom user profile folder, but is it possible to hack on some of the built-in themes (or packages for that matter) without building from source? i.e., are the LESS files stored in an accessible manner somewhere?


If you’re making changes that you want to keep, why wouldn’t you build a new source? You’d then have a development version of your forked theme that could be compared against the original theme (and your fork would persist even after upgrading Atom).

Building a theme from an existing source is nearly no work at all on your end. You could generate a new theme using the Generate Syntax Theme command and then drop in the files from the theme you want to modify. I know that doesn’t answer your question directly, but it is worth trying out if you haven’t done so yet.


I want to make a PR to enhance one or more of the built-in themes. (I believe it is clearer if the JavaScript ES6 template syntax highlights embedded expressions with the same color as the brackets so as to distinguish it more clearly from the string portion.)

Are you saying that “Generate Syntax Theme” will also accept directly changing the built-in themes? Or are you suggesting letting it make a clone and disabling the built-in one?


I guess with themes it doesn’t matter if there are clones–guess I’m not thinking clearly :slight_smile: