Finding a command's name


Is there an easy way to find a command’s name? For example, I wanted to add a keyboard shortcut for “Toggle soft wrap” and had to go through complete trial and error to find out that the command was called “editor:toggle-soft-wrap” when referring to it from a keybindings file.

I know in Sublime you can log any commands that run to the console, is there anything similar in Atom, or a better way to look up a command’s name?


Normally, I would say use the command palette.

e.g.: 'window:reload' becomes Window: Reload in the palette.

However, apparently not all commands are available in it, so… not quite sure what to do other than to dig into the respective code where those commands get triggered or listened to?


At least in recent versions of Atom, there’s a Command Palette: Show Hidden Commands command.