Find & Replace History



Is there a way of accessing find & replace history in Atom?

That is, say you are processing a list of data into a certain format using a regex. If you want to use that regex again later, after some other find/replaces, you would have to type it in again (and if you’ve forgotten it then work it out again first). Another example is where you need to execute more than one find/replace on multiple sets of data then you would have to keep retyping each one for each set.

Ultraedit has a drop arrow by each find/replace field and remembers the past “nn” (never counted how many but at least 20) finds and replaces indefinitely.

Is there such a feature out there or could it be added to the find & replace package please?



You can use the up and down arrows in the find-and-replace fields to navigate history.


Great thanks, I didn’t think of trying that.

If any Atom/package devs are reading and fancy sticking on a wish-list somewhere it would be good to see a selection list as well so you can quickly see if what you want is in the history and jump to it :slight_smile:



You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

Regarding changing the UI for this it sounds like a great idea. I will pass that to @simurai :slight_smile:


Ah, it was one of my criticisms in my Atom review, as I am used to this in SciTE too.
Thanks for the shortcut, @Ben3eeE. It is a bit too hidden for my taste, so indeed a list to quickly browse the history would be nice.
Note for a future implementer (hopefully): on Windows, a keyboard shortcut to open a drop-down list is Alt+down arrow, while up / down arrow indeed allow to iterate on the items without opening the list.


Sounds like someone should create an issue on the find-and-replace repo :slight_smile:


Something like the command palette just above the input?

It might be annoying because you can’t see the search results underneath. So the panel would have to expand and the scroll position adjusted, which might also be annoying. :laughing: Maybe a package idea?


I was thinking something like the image below. That is, an icon to the right of the find and replace input fields that when clicked on shows the history popup menu. On the menu the up and down arrows cycle through the history and clicking on one of them closes the popup and populates the find or replace input field with the historical search term. Also clicking anywhere other than the popup closes the popup. That way it doesn’t get in the way unnecessarily.