Find out what is running on save


When I execute save on atom, it pauses and runs something in the background and caused the applicate to hang for at least 2 seconds or above, I tried to disable some packages (such as linting, whitespace), but to no avail…

is there a script or place that I can find out that is actually running when I click save so I can find out who actually killed Bill? thanks~


Is it slow if you start atom with the atom --safe command? Try closing all atom windows and running this command.


No, there isn’t something for that though that is a good idea.

On the other hand, you should be able to use the profiling features built in to Atom to determine what is taking so much time:


yes, it’s quite fast, I believe it must be some other module that’s causing this, but I would like to find out which one. I guess there’s no easy way but to turn one off individually…


You can try my package package-cop to automate this.


unfortunately, I did it the old fashion way. turning off 1 by 1 from installed package. Glad I found it and disabled it =)


what was the package you had problems with? because when i freshly open atom and save the first time it hangs for a second or two but after that first save it doesn’t hang anymore