Find not working as intended with different encoding types



This is my first real attempt at using Atom. I’ve been using Sublime for a long time now, and I like the editor so far.

Anyways, my problem here is when using the Find and Replace function. I’m editing a strings file and trying to search for each occurrence of the word “favorite”. I type in “favorite” and nothing is matching. Note that I’m manually highlighting “favorited” in the document shown below.

However, if I copy and paste “favorite” from the text editor and paste it into the find it works just fine. From this I determined it was an encoding issue so I changed the setting at the bottom from UTF-8 to Auto Detect and it changed to the proper encoding for the document which was UTF-16 LE. Typing in the search bar now works fine and I can go about using Atom without any problems here.

In Sublime Text this isn’t an issue, I can open up the file and start searching without giving a second thought whether or not my text editor has set my encoding in the internal editor to match the file it loaded as I assume that would be taken care of automatically.

In settings there is an option to change the default encode type, however there is no setting to detect on load that I’m aware of.

If anyone has a solution for this or if this can be addressed in some form of an update that would be awesome.


EDIT: Big problem here, saving the file just saves it with a binary encoding and not the UTF-16 LE encoding which is a big problem.


I just realized there is an open issue on this already, I’m terribly sorry. I would delete this but I’m not sure how.


It’s quite alright. It’s good to have references on the board in case someone searches here first. There are a lot of Atom repositories. The open issue is here: