Find -- no cursor on linux



Under linux (ubuntu 14.10), with atom 0.177.0 (presented also in earlier versions),
in Find there are no cursor, never.

I don’t think it is related to cursor disappearing when alt-tab-ing, because it never has any cursor.

Can anyone confirm, who is under linux?


Im running ubuntu myself (14.04 64bit) and have zero issues on the latest version. I have run atom on 14.10 and didn’t have a cursor issue but that was an earlier version of atom too.


Can you reproduce the issue when running Atom in Safe Mode by exiting all copies of Atom and launching again with atom --safe? I suspect this might be a theme issue. Also, the latest version is v0.179.0, you might try updating.


The same problem with rename (on the tree dialog -> right click -> rename)

Also atom --safe does not have this problem. So this is clearly a theme issue.

After switching over gui theme (not the syntax theme) from “Hip light” -> “One Dark”, I have cursor again in search box.

The One Light theme suffers from the same bug (no cursor in rename, or find dialog)


@simurai Can you reproduce this?


It sounds like the same issue as:

tl;dr: The problem was that if the UI theme is dark and the Syntax theme is light, then usually the background of the text input gets overridden with a dark color, but in this case, not the cursor. And because in a light theme the cursor is dark, you couldn’t really see it well. It should already be fixed in the One themes.

@klaszlo do you mind making an issue with the theme you’re using? A way to fix this is to override the cursor color in mini editors (text inputs) from the UI theme: then the background and the curosr color work together.


@simurai: After installing 0.181.0, the issue is gone away, I have cursors in find files, and also in rename.
Good work.

On a sidenote, in Find and replace I have two cursors, because of this bugfix:
atom-text-editor::shadow .cursor {
opacity: 1;

It is still better then having none…

So I consider this bug fixed.


Is it still two cursors if you add the .is-focused class to that selector? Like .cursor {
  opacity: 1;


2 cursors? Hmm… well, you can add multiple cursors if you cmd click… like:

But they should go away if you click again.


@olmokramer: if I add the .is-focused rule, the cursor stops blinking (constantly on), and suffers the same cursor disappearing bug, than before (when fast alt-tab -ing).

@simurai: please see this bug: