Find next behavior


Want ‘find next’ to jump to the next instance of the current hilighted text without running a ‘find’ search for that string first. (similar to cmd+k from eclipse. or cmd+g from sublime text.)

Currently it finds the next instance of a string only after you’ve performed a search for that word in the find and replace pane. If you escape out of the search panel, select another word, then hit ‘find next’ it will jump to the next instance of the previously searched for text. Expected result would be to jump to the next instance of the newly hilighted text.

Similarly a find previous, would be nice if there was a shift+cmd+g to jump to and select the previous instance of the currently hilighted string.



Maybe I’ll make this my first attempt at writing a package.


Well I attempted this and succeeded. Check out find-selection. It doesn’t support F3 yet but you can just continue to hit the same key.