Find like notepad++


Can atom support search in file, list all the find items in the blow items like notepad++?


It doesn’t do that now, no. Could someone make a package that works like that? Absolutely.


Find in Project does something like this, but for all files in the current project. And the result is not a pane that’s shown at the bottom, but rather a tab. (I prefer the tab.) Maybe there is an option to show the find results in a pane. (Checking. Seems no.)


Is there a package for this feature now?
I just tried out Brackets because I miss having this feature. In Brackets it is available as Find in Selected File/Folder and also in Find in Files.
The results are shown in a pane at the bottom and clicking on a result will bring it in focus in the appropriate file just like in Notepad++.

Would dearly love to have it in Atom.


Well, you can always manually move the “Search Results” tab into its own pane.

Is this question about being able to search, or is it about the presentation of the results? It’s possible to search in Atom, just the presentation is different.


To search just in a file you have to open a project and search in the project. You cannot limit it to just that file.
So the search scope is not focused on the file that is open.

If it is possible in Find in Project, then at least that would be better than having to open a separate editor.

I was not aware that results tab can be put into its own pane. Can you let me know how that would be done?


If you toggle the tree view (View menu), then you can right-click a folder and select “Search in Directory”. All that does is to invoke “find in project” but to filter to that directory. You can hand-edit the filter to mention the file name, too, then it will be restricted to that file. Horrible UX but at least now you know it’s possible.

To show the search results in a separate pane, right-click on the “Project Find Results” tab and select “Split Right”, for example.

Actually, something that searches the current file but lists all the places thus found sounds pretty cool to have…


A simple solution is to have Find All In Buffer present the same tab as Find All In Project. It would be fantastic to have an option that only searches files currently open in Atom rather than the whole project directory.

Is there an existing syntax for the search filter that can limit to one or both of the above?

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Try this package:


it’s cool!!, please support copy-paste one/multiple items