Find in Project yields no results in Homebrew


I’m not sure Atom is doing anything wrong (could be me), but the Find in Project tool is consistently turning up no results in my Homebrew directory (/usr/local). No matter what I search for, even if it’s a word that I just copy & pasted from one of the files in there, it says no results.

Find in Project works in other directories, including .git repositories. The strings I’m looking for are not excluded by .gitignore. No error is being thrown in Atom’s console. TextWrangler and grep are having no problem finding the strings I’m looking for.

I’ve taken the understanding, perhaps incorrectly, that a “project” is whatever the top-level directory you have open in Atom. The docs are a little imprecise on this.

I’m sorry I can’t provide better debugging information - I don’t see any threads to pull on here.