Find in Project vs. Search in Directory


I have projects with more than one folder defined using project-manager – works great.

However, when I do a “Find in project” for ‘TODO’ I get no results, but when I select one of the folders in the sidebar and do a “Search in directory” from the contextual menu it returns the expected results. So it seems “Find in project” isn’t looking in the project directories. Any idea what might be causing this?


“Find in Project” excludes ignored files (I believe by default), so if you’re trying to search through files that are in your .gitignore file … that could be the explanation.


@leedohm - thanks for the reply. The issue, I’ve discovered is coming from a combo of: my standards WordPress .gitignore file and an active Atom setting: Exclude VCS Ignored Paths.

Disabling the setting sets things straight.

I guess this comes from the fact that my .gitignore files is in the root of my WordPress site whereas the two directories I include in the Atom project are further down the hierarchy. i.e.

WordPress root and .gitignore:

Atom Project Directories:

Not sure I really understand why, but a fix is a fix.