"Find in project" results cached and do not reflect project state


Sometimes when performing a search-and-remove task by way of “Find in project”, I will encounter an editor state where the live-updating results do not reflect a change in the project and attempting to search again instantly yields the same erroneous results because they’re cached (no search is performed).

Clicking on the highlighted terms in the search results either yields editor flickering as it attempts to open a now non-existent file, or jumping to the line number where the term no longer exists.

The true bug here seems to be that the live-updating search results are sometimes missing the change event (for reasons I haven’t nailed down yet), but my request is that the near-term solution of allowing a redundant search to re-perform the search action even though it’s “cached” as that will improve the workflow I’m current engaged with.

In the mean time, I’m stuck searching for my term + a character to clear the cache, then deleting that character and re-searching the original term to see true search results.

Thanks as always!



It sounds like this might be a regression of:

Can you give steps to reproduce the problem?


Hrm, I am struggling to reproduce it. Maybe I can chalk it up to performance issues? I may have been taxing my machine. Not sure if that check-for-changes piece is heavy or not. That’s my only gut at this point. The find is otherwise updating to match my changes as I attempt to reproduce this.