Find in project doesn't ignore VCS Ignored Paths when sub directory is set


Find in project doesn’t ignore files which are excluded by Exclude VCS Ignored Paths when a sub directory is set as File/directory pattern.

For example, imagine the following directory structure:

  • project1
    • subproject1-1
      • node_modules
        • LOTS OF FILES
      • lib
        • mycode1.js
        • mycode2.js
      • test
        • test-mycode1.js
        • test-mycode2.js
    • subproject1-2

Now I want to find console in subproject1-1.

However, inputting foo in the first blank and subproject1-1/ in the third blank result in lots of hits, which include files under node_modules.

Is this intended behavior? How can I find a text in a sub directory while ignoring VCS Ignored Paths?


The easy answer is to search subproject1-1/lib and then subproject1-1/test. I don’t think you can search for multiple things at once. Another option is to rename your code folders so that they start with the same string and then have your pattern be that string with a wildcard at the end.


Yes, this is intended behavior. It allows for people to easily work around the VCS ignored paths.