Find in Buffer: find all


In the Find panel, it would be great to have the Sublime Text “Find All” option (alt+return), that selects all matches in the current buffer, each with its cursor.

That was one of the greatest ST selling points for me.


Have to agree. This is probably my most used feature for me with using ST.


There is an enhancement open for the Find and Replace Package to add this functionality.

For sure it’s the biggest feature I miss from ST. Will try to mess with the code, but don’t understand much. =$


Additionally, other multi-cursor helpers are a must:

  • middle-click + drag for block select. That’s block select with a cursor on every line.
  • ctrl alt Up/Down for expanding the cursor range vertically.

Can anyone recall any others?

These are basically a deal breaker for me, If I can’t manipulate large sets of text Theres just no reason to use this over soemthing that can. (I know ctrl+click works, am I then expected to click on all 90,000 lines of a csv to start manipulating it? I think not. And I’m talking about doing the kinds of manipulation that a regex find replace can not.)


These should probably be in their own Feature topics so that we can track each request separately.


It looks like this has now been implemented: Cmd-ctrl-g

It’s still quite slow with >100 cursors


Is this implemented now ?