Find file in atom is not as accurate as in sublime


feature request: finding a file in atom(command + p) is not not as accurate as in sublime text 3 ?


Any more detail on that?


I agree that sublime’s fuzzy find is exceptionally good, and atom’s isn’t there, yet. I find a few things frustrating:

If I type alp and the project contains alpha.rb and alpha_spec.rb, alpha.rb should appear first. That way I can always type more to get to a later result. If the shorter name is lower on the list, I’m forced to use arrow keys, which is disappointing.

If I type md then macklemore_dungeon.el should appear before midway.battle.

My desired behavior is to type an initialism, and then a few more characters if necessary. If I have to insert a few extra characters at the beginning, that’s much worse than a few at the end.

Most of the time, I think it would be beneficial to track which files I’ve opened with fuzzy find, and how often, and how recently. If I file I open every day is always 3rd on the list, I hate that. If a file I open once a year is 5th on the list, who cares?


and also preview support with fuzzy find, arrow up and down should preview this file, that’s better


I find that hitting ctrl-a before typing some additional characters is not much of an issue – it’s easy to type. Of course, on Linux and Windows I guess you will need atomic-emacs or somesuch.


A lot of this has been fixed or improved in the intervening months and the fuzz-aldrin package was just improved in the latest (v0.125.0) release of Atom as well.


Well, yes, @kgrossjo, that’s exactly what I do. But there’s cognitive load associated with making the decision that “no, I can’t get any further without adding to the beginning.”

It works, but so does the “open file” dialog box. No one wants to use that.

Fuzzy find should feel effortless; it should let me memorize short initialisms to get to every file I open frequently. Then the whole cmd-p-letters-enter becomes one reflex action. The shortcomings I mentioned prevent that.

@leedohm: I am up to date with 0.125. I am working on a project with a file called ImportanceTableCtrl.js.

I would like to type ‘itc’ and get this file as the top listing.

Sublime does it brilliantly. See how the spec (a one-letter-longer initialism) is the next result? And it highlighted the characters it’s matching, so I can see why it chose the files it chose.

Emacs gets the intended file as the second result, and the spec as the first. Not perfect, and no one’s going to be charmed by the interface, but it did the job.

Atom gives me this list:

The file I’m looking for is not on the list. There’s essentially no chance in hell that any of these files are the files I intended to ask for when I typed ‘itc’.

Atom is nowhere near as good at this task as its competitors, and if we’re on a project of any size it’s a task we do all day every day.


Have you filed a bug on the fuzzy-finder package?



Awesome, thanks for that! :grinning: