Find can't handle large results (also can't cancel)


I noticed that find can’t handle large results and will crash. I often am unable to cancel the search and have to wait for the crash.

This happens to me a lot due to how Find works. When the Project Find Results are open, it will automatically perform the search as you are changing options. Here’s an example scenario.

My initial search is for a define which I use regex. I have the regex and case sensitive options checked. My search term is define\s+BLAH.

I am checking results in files and want to refine the search. The Project Find Results are still open, but I am in a separate file. I start refining the search term as define and realize I don’t need regex anymore. I disable the regex option, but now the search occurs again. Since my project is quite large with a lot of defines, atom crashes. It can’t handle the results coming up when searching for define.

Is this a known issue? Is there anyway to get the search to cancel without having to wait for the crash?


How large is the search? I’ve done some searches in big projects and it worked just fine. It would help with troubleshooting if you gave a clearer idea of the scope you’re working with.

Does Atom hang and crash when you start it from the command line with atom --safe and then search in the same project? Safe mode disables all community packages, which are a very common cause when Atom experiences situational performance issues.


The project has the uses eCos operating system. So the scope is quite large. I don’t know how many defines there are exactly as atom crashes, but there are enough defines in eCos to make atom crash when searching.

As for atom --safe, yes, I’ve tried that as well. I’ve tried everything listed in the Debugging article. Well, not everything, as I haven’t grabbed any crash logs. I only plan to do that if necessary.


Does Atom crash when you just search for define? Because your initial post makes it sound like the crash happens when you search for define and then disable the regex option. Does just the search crash it in the same way?

There might be some tweaks that could happen in find-and-replace to stop this, but I don’t know enough to know what they are.


Define is just an example of a large search. I try to not search for terms that will bring up large results to prevent the crashes from happening. My example was what happens when I play around with the find and replace options. If the find window is already open, a search will occur as you are changing the options which will produce a large search result and therefore crash.