Find and replace not working when switching project with project manager


I am not sure if this is an actual bug in one of the two packages involved or is it a matter of setting them properly, but here is my problem:

Atom 1.25.0 x64 installed on Fedora 26
These are the packages involved:

  • find-and-replace 0.215.5 (core package)
  • project-manager 3.3.5 (the most popular project manager as far as I can tell)

When I land on a project after switching using the shortcut ALT-SHIFT-P, the new project appears correctly but non of the search functionalities work. CTRL-F, CTRL-SHIFT-F are just unresponsive. Looking at the menu for “Find” all the options disappear, except for “Find Buffer” “Find File” and “Find Modified File”.

As far as I remember, this started happening with the latest Atom 1.24 before the 1.25 update.

Anyone else experienced this?


Looks like this has been reported in project-manager? seems to point to a potential fix.


The fix mentioned there doesn’t seem to work for me unfortunately. I changed the version of atom-project-util in the json file of project-manager, but that didn’t seem to make any difference, the problem still persists.


That does not update the dependency package. You also need to run apm install from the command line while in the package folder so that the contents of package.json get read and installed.

If you’re changing files inside .atom/packages/, keep in mind that they will get overwritten when the package gets updated. You have the option to not upgrade until the package matches your version, but that’s a lot of time you’ll spend thinking about this. You can also use git clone and apm link to make a symbolic link in packages/ to the repo which is somewhere else on your machine, then modify the repo. Atom will not ask for updates about that package and you can update it whenever you like using standard git practices.