Find and replace in a git repository by "Search in directory" feature: I don't want to find/replace anything inside '.git' directory


I right-clicked at a git repo in the tree-view and select “Search in directory”, then I enter some informations to search. But I don’t want to also search anything in .git directory.

I’m using Atom 1.3.3


Then don’t. :slightly_smiling:


How? Imagine that your searching word appears many places in your project.


@khai96_ Do you have the Exclude VCS Ignored Paths setting enabled?

Because it shouldn’t returns results in .git unless this option is disabled


Yes, I have, but it still happens

Also, it didn’t happen until atom v1.3.3, I think it’s a bug.


Sorry for offtopic reply, but, lad i think this color scheme can damage your eyes if you work with it for a long time.


Looks like you’re running into

And if I understand correctly it’s the expected behavior as you’re using the search in directory command (which I find confusing nonetheless).


I tried with atom menu bar: go to Find → Find in Project

And it still happens:

It’s actually


Ah sorry! Thought you just wanted to search a single file, although you clearly stated that you want to search the directory.