Find All in Current Document


I would like to see a feature where you search for something, and instead of displaying one result at a time, display a sub window that lists every line the result matches your search at. This is something notepad++ does that is essential to me for finding many things at once.


Have you tried Find In Project?

It searches within the entire folder and gives you a row per found matching line in any of the files.


It don’t search in the gitignore files. How could we overcome it ?


You can turn that off in the Settings:


Awesome and thank you @batjko


This doesn’t work. The file I opened is not inside a project on the treeview so it doesn’t find anything. Sure it works for a project, but even that is too much info. I want to search for all text in the document I have open, and display every location of the text without having to “Next” everything, or scroll through files that I don’t even have open.


Well, the Find in Project feature is of course for the project you have open only.
If you’d like a search function that is more like Notepad++ in that it will search in whatever path you give it, independently of what’s currently open - and then also want to change the output to be slimmer etc… writing a new package will be your only option.


There’s no way to only search in the current window thats open? It can only do every file in the package? That seems a bit of a nuisance. I use the search feature in notepad++ heavily. I probably won’t be able to use atom because of how much extra time I’d waste trying to scroll past other files I’m not even searching in. :sob:


You mean the standard Find and Replace (Ctrl-F) feature? Is that all you wanted?


Notepad++ has a find feature that displays all results matching the criteria in one window, so I don’t have to hit “Find” 50 times to see each result, it displays them all at once.


Ah, yea that is definitely not available.
Awesome idea for a package though. :wink:


Totally. You can click on the line and it jumps right to it as well. I’m stuck using notepad++ until this feature comes. If ever.


I have missed this as probably others have. There will definitely be a package for it.


How do you know for sure there will be?


Because if no one else does, I will.


Oh nice. I’m not sure how to make a package or I would try. I’m not that savvy.


That would be a tough package for a beginner. I would do 2 or 3 easier ones first.

BTW, once you do a package or two you get hooked. It is a good feeling to use your own work all day long. I used to do a lot of packages for the common good that I didn’t even use. Now I’m only doing them to customize it to my liking. If others find it useful, like this one would be, then great.


Now that @mark_hahn’s on the case, I have no doubt this package will exist shortly.


Well … I didn’t exactly say when.


Well, then let’s replace that with “in all likelihood, inevitably”. :wink: