FileType Icons in File Tree


I would like to see a file icons in the file tree, based on file extension (.rb, .html) or even file name (Gemfile).

For example, in a rails project the file tree gets rather large, if ruby files could have ruby shaped file icons, and .erb.html files have a different and easily recognisable icon then it would make skimming the project structure to find a particular controller or view much easier.

I would also like to extend icons to files without extensions such as Gemfile or Procfile as these are also significant.


This package does that


That package is certainly a step in the right direction, the colour coding based on file extension is the right idea.
It does conflict with the git colour coding, which is why I think changing the file icon, even if it was just colouring the icon, would be better.


That can be easily done, you can fork the package and instead of changing the color, you can change the icon.


Thanks, I’ve gone and made a package which does what I’ve described

It’s not the most elegant implementation, it would greatly benefit from listening to FileTree events, of which I’ve only found one ‘tree-view:directory-modified’ that’s useful


cool plugin. here’s a list of events that include several other tree-view events. also what about updating the icon on the file creation event as well?


Thanks, I’ll take a look at that list
Ideally it will update the file icons on new file and folder expand


I’ve looked into the events and most of the are command events and occur from user hotkeys and are not notifications of things that did happen.

The tree-view:directory-modified event covers both file creation and removal, but there’s not event for FileTree folder expand. Anyone have any ideas?