Filesystem doesn't pick up change on save with guard


I use guard to automatically run tests in my ruby application when a files change.

When I save a file in, guard doesn’t pick up on the change… Any help or thoughts?

====== update =========
Realized that cmd + s itself doesn’t trigger a change that guard picks up on. It only triggers a change if the file actually had changes. Makes sense, but I missed this detail because I was used to opening up a test file, hitting cmd + s and running the tests, that no longer works unless the file has changes.


Same here. It seems like if you save a file without any changes, Atom don’t touch the file.

Would it be possible ? Just perform a touch on file ?


Seems save-on-focus touches file. So no more ⌘+S at all for running our tests suite!


I believe this has been fixed in the latest update of atom. This can be closed.

closed #5