Files showing up blank when opened in Atom Editor


When I open files in Atom, then open other files, then go back into the first file, no text is displayed. For example, when I launch Atom, a file named index.js automatically shows up, and I can view and edit it. When I go into another of my default files and then back into index.js, index.js shows up as blank. The content is still there (I can open it with notepad) but it sure isn’t in the file. Any help?


Update: The text inside the file only disappears when I click on it to edit it.


Has this recently started happening? What happens when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


This just recently started happening, but, who knew, when I opened it with atom --safe it worked! Why is this?


Safe mode disables all of your packages. If you reopen Atom normally and you observe the problem again, then it is most likely that the culprit is one of the community packages you have installed.